Creature Feature on KPTM 42.2 and Creature Feature Live!
- By Chris Palmer

It’s a Creature TRIPLE Feature in 2014 with your favorite TV show Dr. San Guinary’s Creature Feature, our new Omaha cable access “worst of” cut-in show Dr. San Guinary Presents… and our live show Creature Feature Live! at the Masonic Scottish Rite Theater in Omaha!

Dr. San Guinary’s Creature Feature, Sundays at 9pm, KPTM 42.2
Our original one hour Sunday night show screening indie horror featurettes, classic crusty old films and more! Thills and chills in the lab with Doc and wacky nurses, Otis the Kritter Gitter… and Igor too! Meet new characters for 2014 including The Great Zombini and Larry the Slacker Woofman! 1000 Laughs… maybe more. We also show vintage clips from the original Creature Feature with Doc John Jones!

Dr. San Guinary Presents… Saturday Night (7pm) KPAO, Cox Cable 22 & CenturyLink 3
Our new half-hour Saturday evening “worst of” program on Omaha cable access featuring our Creature Feature comedy cut-ins from 2013. Relive the laughter from our first season of tomfoolery!

Dr. San Guinary’s Creature Feature (KPTM) is also broadcast on the following cable carriers throughout the Nebraska and Iowa area:
Cable USA Companies (Schulyer, Columbus) MyTV 17
Charter Communications (Springfield, Beatrice) MyTV 15
Cox Cable (Omaha, Council Bluffs, Carter Lake) MyTV 121/107
Harlan Municipal District (Harlan, IA) MyTV 210
Huntel Cablevision (Blair, Ft. Calhoun, Lyons, Oakland, Tekamah) MyTV 109
Marne & Elk Horn Tel & Cable (Elk Horn, IA) MyTV 42.2
Mediacom (Red Oak, Clarinda, Esses, Glenwood, Mills, Shenandoah, Villisca, Avoca, Bedford, Denison, Harlan, Atlantic, Cass & Crawford Co.) MyTV 20
Walnut Communications (Walnut, IA) MyTV 210
NOTE: Only available in Lincoln, NE area on Free Digital 42.2

Note for DISH users with a DVR:
Fan Jeff Jansen brought this to my attention: – I currently use a 612 dvr and there is a “over the air antenna” connector in the back of the unit. I’m guessing for all the other units but if there is that connector on the back it should work the same. Any antenna should work with this (I use a table top for mine) but of course it depends on distance from the transmitter and where it’s placed in the room. When connected to the unit, go the main menu and then go to “system setup”. Then go to “local channels”. From there go to “scan locals” and that will scan the local channels and put them on the grid with all the usual info as well. That process takes a little while but when it’s done it gives full dvr capability for those channels, plus it is it’s own tuner so if you’re using a dual tuner unit you won’t lose that capability by tuning a local channel.
Fan Dave Terry adds another method:
On the line going to the TV from the DISH receiver I just put a two-way splitter and screwed in a small 7 inch antenna into the open side. When I want to watch local stations I just switch the TV to “over the air”. I live 20 miles from Omaha and this little antenna works just fine.
(Doc’s note: A decent antenna will cost you about $30-$40 at Malwart. My video tech in Lincoln said he tried a $25 one, but had to upgrade to a $35 one.)

Creature Feature Live! at the Masonic Scottish Rite Theater, it’s a movie and live show fundraiser to benefit the Scottish Rite “Rite Care” Childhood Language Programs! The same crappy Dr. San Guinary live shows you’ve enjoyed over the past 3 years with an exciting movie, all in the beautiful Scottish Rite performance theater! Special celebrity guests are slated for this year, including our October year end show as part of the SCREAM IN THE DARK horror film festival!

Friday, October 3rd, 8pm THE EXORCIST (1973)
Kicking off the SCREAM IN THE DARK FILM FESTIVAL, October 4th-5th

We’ll supply the pea soup… you bring the crackers! The ultimate demon possession movie. Period. Became one of the highest grossing flicks of all time!
Actress Eileen Dietz will be joining us for a meet & greet, plus Q&A right after the movie! Eileen portrayed the face of the demon Pazuzu, as well as handling the more “adult” scenes as possessed Regan in the stead of Linda Blair. Her TV and film career also includes Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, Creepshow III and the female chimp Jillia in the TV version of Planet of the Apes (1974)
Special $8 ticket price at the door night of show for those who have purchased a weekend pass to the Scream in the Dark Film Festival.
$12 Adult Admission, $8 Kids (under 15 admission)
We 8pm screening time, doors open at 7pm.

Tickets to the Creature Feature Live events can be purchased only online at… watch Facebook for ticket sale dates.

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