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Friday December 23, 2016

Welcome to our new website! We are now “mobile friendly” and will have up to date info here. You can access our YouTube page, as well as our various Facebook pages from here as well!

Creature Feature is back on TV, please note our new time slot of 1am on Monday mornings on WOWT-NBC, Channel 6. You can catch us on free digital (antenna), cable and dish as well. Set those DVRs, Tivos or VHS machines so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Halloween season is here! The Creature Feature cast will be be out at several venues during October. Please visit our Facebook page for all the latest up to date information (click on the FB icon on the upper right). We have produced a new run of Creature Feature Vol. II, which is available for sale here. Glow in the Dark T-shirts can be found at our events in December ($15-$18).

We will post new events very soon!

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Friday December 23, 2016

Creature Feature Volume II, 1978-1980: This is our second DVD with the final archive footage of original Doc, John Jones, as originally broadcast on KMTV after the show moved to their Mockingbird studios. This DVD contains hilarious clips and several complete shows with all cut-ins, as well as some outtakes. There are also some clips of John’s last telethon appearances, on the street collecting funds as we remember him best during telethon season. Over one hour of vintage Creature Feature fun! DVD also includes bonus collectible postcards! This DVD is $24 postage paid in the USA. To order one, click the button above.

T-Shirts: At the moment, we are working on new T-shirts that reflect our new station, WOWT. These will be of the usual glow-in-the-dark variety that have been our staple for years! New shirt styles should be available in the Spring, along with a few favorite designs as well.

DVDs: We are working on a new DVD, Creature Feature Vol. 3, 2012-2013 which will cover our very first season on TV, and contain most of our cut-ins from that year. There was quite a bit of footage, so we are trying to thin it down a bit to keep it all on one disk. We are likely looking at a release in late Spring. We will also produce a few movie DVDs as well, incorporating a crappy public domain classic with some of our favorite show episodes. Stay Tuned!

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Monday December 12, 2016

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Friday December 16, 2016

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